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General Session Timeline & Checklist

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General Session Timeline & Checklist "March 10, 2017

How do you plan your meeting's general session? Download our timeline and checklist to stay on track throughout the planning process.

Planning your meeting’s general session can be daunting. Last year’s triumph doesn’t guarantee a hit with this year’s audience. Different attendees, changing current events, shifts within your industry — all of these can affect the nature and reception of your session.

So what can meeting planners do to make sure the general session is successful, stress-free, and within the set budget? The key is to pay close attention to the four basic production phases: design, coordination, implementation, and post-event wrap-up.

Download our free timeline and checklist below to guide yourself through each phase and never miss a step in the planning process!


Ready to start planning your meeting’s general session? Use this checklist to ensure it’s
successful, stress-free and within budget.


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